Life as We Know It by J.D Hollyfield [Book Review]

 Life As We Know It by J.D Hollyfield

Release Date: November 14, 2016

Genre: Humor | Contemporary Romance | Romance

Life has not been easy for Penelope Summers. Specifically, the last month, when her high-profile boyfriend dumped her, her indecent exposure record surfaced, and her favorite thing in the world, tequila, failed her.

Good thing for Penelope, she has her best friend to pick her up, and take her on the vacation of a lifetime. A seven-day cruise that will change the direction of her downward spiral. But will that spiral shift in the direction Penelope needs? Or will it throw her into a bigger whirlwind of trouble?

With Reckless Abandon as her motto, tequila as her wingman, and a hot one-night stand as her much needed reward, will the tables finally turn for Penelope, or will life as she knows it continue to fail her?

Sometimes you just have to ride the wave of crazy to find out.

*ARC is provided by J.D Hollyfield. Thank you so much!
So yeah I thought i haven’t finished reading this one but I came to a part where hey everything is familiar. Yeah you’re right I’ve finished this a long time ago and forgot to write a review! *hides at the back of the door
Anyway this is one of J.D Hollyfield’s New Adult Novel. I love every book of hers. How could she do that? I’m always swooned and amused by her writing. Auto buy author for me. Ahem here’s my review.
I’ve read a lot of NA’s but they all have those bad boy protagonist. Sam here is one of those good boy types and I love it. I could feel his honesty towards Penny and yeah one of those book boyfriends I added on my list. Penny is a cute character too. Brave but yeah vulnerable when it comes to love. She has this honest love. I love you and that’s it. No more no less. This book is one honest love story for me. A crazy best friend who I would love to have also. Hahaha. The book ended good with no cliff hangers and there’s some advice at the end. I love how every book she writes has this romance, comedy and steam but still life lessons are there with us to impart. But still when I think of it i think there should be something more that was not included in this book. Something missing is what I feel.
If you like an NA adult with a comedy atmosphere her books are my suggestions. You could look at my review tabs and see some of her books there. ❤
Happily ever after’s were child’s play. Fairytales. I know relationships take work and that in the real world where we live, life demands way too much out of us to be able to give our full attention to little things like love and perfect relationships. Whatever, the point is, I put in more effort than he did and now I was the one on the loser end.
Life is a fast-paced thing, and if you sleep in, you miss half the day.
I’m worried about you walking away from me. Not giving me the chance to show you that I can be someone who you deserve. You amaze me every damn day . Your smile, it haunts me at night. It takes everything in me not to force you home with me. And when the sun begins to rise, I find myself rushing to work just to stalk the doors, waiting for you to walk through them. I’m not worried about you doing anything to ruin me. I’m worried about me disappointing you. Because to me, you are perfect. And I’m trying to figure out how not to fuck up and send you running.
You are something I don’t think I will ever get used to. Do you know that?
Where have you been? The missing piece to my heart. My life. If I sat here and told you the mold of the perfect women, it would be you. Down to your perfect fitting Converse. I just don’t know how I got so lucky to finally find you.

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