The Destined by E.J Mellow [Book Review]

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The Destined by E.J Mellow (The Dreamland Series Book 3)

Release Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: New Adult | Fantasy | Romance


I searched for you in the stars tonight.
But I found none
that burned as bright as you.

—Part of a letter from Dev to Molly

With the loss of Terra’s greatest weapon, the war against darkness escalates rapidly, and time is on no one’s side. While Dev struggles to keep his home and hope alive, Molly and Rae find themselves forced to confront a desperately kept secret and quickly learn that a life-altering sacrifice is the asking price to restore order.

Nightmares, betrayal, the fate of two worlds, and one man’s hunger for vengeance lead Molly down a twisted and dark path she fears she might never come back from. Cornered into making a heart-wrenching decision, Molly teeters between deliverance and damnation. Who is worth saving most—a nation or the one she loves?

From Award Winning author, E.J. Mellow, comes the breathtaking conclusion of The Dreamland Series. A story that will take you on a spine-tingling and gripping ride through self-sacrifice, the true power of love, and the importance of friendship.


“I would like to thank E.J Mellow for sending me a Review Copy of this book. I reviewed it honestly just liked I promised.”

I finished reading The Destined while on my way to work. Even though I’m sleepy I still wanted to read it. The urgency of finishing the last two chapters, knowing I can’t travel with a cliff hanger bugging my head. So I did what you think I did. Finished reading, 3 stations before I get off the train. *all smiles then sobs

So anyway let’s get down to business. I mean my review because reviewing is not a business for me. It’s a pleasure! HAHAHA. This is the last book *sobs for The Dreamland Series by E.J Mellow. As disheartening as it is, the end is always inevitable. But enough of the sadness, lets get through my reaction for The Destined.

I might say this is the most action packed of the 3. But at the same time the romantic atmosphere and humor is always there of course! (If you read it you know what I mean, so read it! HAHAHAHA) I love the words used . I learned a  whole lot of new words that widens my vocabulary. I really wonder how E.J Mellow writes the book. So action packed, details of Terra more intricate that it made me want to see some illustrations of it. The Vigil and Nocturna, all of the characters anyway. I wanted illustrations! You can’t blame me for wanting to see them in shapes in a paper. Did I mention that I see the author through Molly too? HAHAHA (okay I laugh a lot sorry)

Even though this is a fantasy novel, the reality of how would the characters respond and feel to certain situations is real. I mean, I could somehow relate to some of the characters emotions. This book is beautifully written and so intricate. Yes, I’m wanting more of the series. The things that happened before Molly’s time. *whispers – little novellas. But let’s wait if there’s something more from E.J Mellow. Her writing doesn’t stop here. I really feel there are things that she would show us more.

This series, is one of my favorite reads this year. Even though I’m out of the bookish world, I can’t just let the opportunity to review this just past by. Read it too! You’ll see what I mean.

P.S: Review for the first two books coming soon!

For my favorite part! here it is, 5 lines from The Destined.

I only move forward now. Going back brings hesitation, uncertainty, and I have no room for that anymore.

His eyes falls to me again, and I think how strange it is to feel so distant from someone who once held me so intimately.

And I wish I could tell you that you will be. But we both know that would be a lie. None of us can go back. By the stars, how many times I wish we could. But no, out world only turns one way.


I’ve unfortunately experienced loss many times myself, and I’ve come to believe pain that feels so suffocating at the time is merely your heart remembering everything beautiful about that person at once.

I searched for you in the stars tonight. But I found none that burned as bright as you.

rating5 v3

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Here’s my review for the other books of the series. Keep an eye out for one more review left (The Divide)



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