New World Ashes by Jennifer Wilson [Book Review]

NEW WOLRD ASHES smNew World: Ashes by Jennifer Wilson

Release Date: September 18, 2015 and re published on June 7, 2016 by Oftomes Publishing

Genre: Young Adult | Dystopia | Romance


After Phoenix, a 17-year-old orphan rogue, sacrifices herself for her loved ones, her world again takes an unexpected turn. She may have forgotten her past, but it hasn’t forgotten her. A war is coming and her role in it will be pivotal.

That is… if she survives.



“I would like to thank Jennifer Wilson for sending me a Review Copy of this book. I reviewed it honestly just liked I promised.”

New World: Ashes starts from where New World: Rising (New World #1) left off.  Most sequels like this are filler books. They drag the story for long which makes it boring. But this one is different – the Ashes is action packed and maintained its fast pace from the first one. Although there are some flashbacks regarding Phoenix’s backstory, the current situation of Phoenix doesn’t drag too long.

Our knowledge about the big thing brewing in the Subversive is surprisingly not in vain. That event or action was already planned and will be launched soon. That course of action will change the fate of The Sanctuary and Tartarus. Will it change the lives of their people for good or not?

Character development is great. Phoenix, Triven and Mouse getting tougher each day. The romance is not forgotten despite the action packed theme. Still the feels!

New World: Ashes is definitely a great sequel. It ended well and the action will start off in a great shape in New World: Inferno. I’m really anticipating how the New World Series ends!

Sadly, I had left my review copy of this back home and I can’t take many books with me right now. I had those many favorite lines I wanted to share with you but I can’t. But still give this dystopian novel a try okay?

rating5 v3

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 Here is the link for New World: Rising! Click the image below.



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