Returning to book blogging and review?


Hi everyone! So if you did noticed I was MIA these past few months. Many things occurred that lead to my absence. Read more to find out why!

So Hi there again! Thank you for reading this post today. If you noticed I was MIA for a bit long yes I am guilty for that one. Reasons are:

  • School was very hectic since I’m graduating from college that time. So everything was crazy, nuts name it!
  • I was really really overwhelmed by the amount of books that I need to enjoy, read and review at the same time. I guess every book blogger/reviewer experienced this one. The need to get out for some air. I’m going to be honest right here, so I got books to review last December and haven’t got the time to read and review until now. A big failure for me and disappointment for those authors who trusted me. I will sort this one out soon.
  • READING SLUMP. Yeah, I came to the point that I can’t even finish my favorite read for the week. Until it gotten even worse I can’t even read one chapter. So I decided to go out from my bookish world for a while that ended up being away for a couple of months or so.

I’m planning to get back again to my book blogging/reviewing world slowly. Yes you read it right, just slowly. I can’t rush things because if I did maybe this will take a little longer again.

  • Participating in 1 to 5 cover reveals/blog tours per month.
  • Reading 1 book or 2 for a week or two also.
  • Put reviews on Amazon only for now. Some reviews will be posted on my blog too.
  • Fixing my reading and reviewing schedule. Since I’ll be starting to work in the industry – this is for real! Finally my hard work paid off.

Thank you so much for understanding! I love y’all ! ❤ ❤ ❤


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