Eternal Feud – Reunion at Walnut Cherryville by Lauren Salem [Book Review]

coverReunion at Walnut Cherryville ( The Eternal Feud #1) by Lauren Salem

First Release Date: March 20, 2013

Re- released Date: October 2015 by Amazon Digital Services

Genre: Young Adult | Dystopian


Johnny Cockit accidentally murdered a man when he was ten years old, which is why he was sent to Sonoran Correctional High School, a gender-segregated boarding school located in Phoenix, Arizona. Two months before graduation, Johnny and his friends are drugged and abducted by Walnut Cherryville secret watchers during an afternoon counseling session. Making decisions about the future has never felt important until the students are forced to work in a remote produce factory owned by the vengeful Quinton family.

Walnut Cherryville is no ordinary factory; it’s the Quintons’ futuristic desert village governed by the principle that people live better-quality lives when they don’t make their own decisions. To ease the burden of life’s basic yet complicated choices, the government limits misdirection by choosing every citizen’s career path and lifestyle.

Johnny and his friends plot an escape but must avoid being recaptured because abandonment of the village is a crime punishable by death. In a scandalous turn of events narrated by Johnny and his delinquent friends Vincent, Laura, and Collins, they discover that the reason they were captured roots back to an ancient family feud between the Cockit and Quinton families.

** Due to strong sexuality, this book is intended for young adults ages 14 and up. 


“I would like to thank Lauren Salem for sending me a Review Copy of this book. I reviewed it honestly just liked I promised.”

What made me curious and start to read this book is because of the plot. When I got the book I started reading a few pages and it kept me going. I didn’t notice that I was in Chapter 2 already. I stopped because I need to read my other books. So after chapter 2 weeks I got to read it again.

There are 4 main characters in the book namely Johnny, Collins, Vincent and Laura. I’m going to introduce them to you and tell them why I liked and hate them. Let’s get started! 😀

  • Johnny – He’s the main character of the story. A very kind man and can survive under different circumstances. Values friendship highly and he’ll do what it takes to fulfill he’s promises. I like it how Johnny acts towards his friends. He’s one of my #FriendshipGoals. What I hate about him is that he’s too kind and trusting. he can get killed for that.
  • Collins –  The clown of the group. He’s always up for fun and can be stupid at all times(not unless he’s going to be killed he gets smart. :p ). But beware when his brains work. His attitude of being optimistic is good but if he panics he really is annoying and can be selfish.
  • Vincent – The geek of thee trio. The  punk and quiet one not to mention he’s really a smart lad. when he loves someone he’s really serious about it, falls deep to add it up. He’s my most favorite character in the series. ❤ *P.S – Love makes you stupid. 😛
  • Laura – A beautiful and trustworthy woman. Her past hinders her strength thus rendering her weak. Practical type and can find her way out of troubles.

Every character represents a kid or a person in real life. No matter what’s our status in life we all have our own darkness to face. Hoping that one day the sun will finally come up and bask in the happiness of the light it gives.

So far my favorite part of my reviews here are the few of the many lines I love from this book:

You shouldn’t give up hope just because something bad happened to you.

I don’t really like to make plans for my life, so whatever happens, happens.

Some people judge books by their covers, but I judge books by their smell.– * my favorite hihi

There is a lot you could do with your life, the only problem is deciding what to do with it.

You always have a choice. Whether you realize it or not, you already chose a side.

You can’t solve all your problems by putting a Band-Aid on them and walking away. The only way to be free is to  get rid of the problem at it’s source.


rating5 v3

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