The Fort by R. Holt [Book Review]

Book Cover copyThe Fort by R. Holt

Release Date: April 29, 2013

Genre: General Fiction


Jake remembers when he was still an innocent kid, just waiting for something exciting to happen in the summer between elementary school and junior high school. The excitement was Malia, who just moved in to the house across the street.
This is Jake’s story. He and his closest friends, Charlie, Beth, and Emma, have been together from the beginning as toddlers, until Malia joined their group that summer. Their summer began with the metamorphosis of their playhouse into The Fort. This special place holds their deepest and darkest secrets, from childhood to adulthood. Growing and experiencing countless adventures through junior high and high school, they returned to The Fort on graduation night to say good-bye to each other, to The Fort, and to their childhood.
Returning to their high school reunion after going to college, working, and loving others, they have become different. Altered by life and adulthood, they have experienced life, death, and everything in between. And what if the one person who Jake thought he could always count on has changed and is keeping a devastating secret? Would that secret tear them apart?


“I would like to thank R. Holt for sending me a Review Copy of this book. I reviewed it honestly just liked I promised.”


The plot is really interesting, the writing style is plain and can be easily understood by readers. Teen ages 12 can start reading this book. It is simple and more on narrating their lives during the times the characters where together. The friendship they had built is really what you can call #FriendshipGoals. I mean who doesn’t want to have friends by your neighborhood and be close to them right? They have their own club house which is really so cooooollll! Those kind of friends that Jake has is really precious. 🙂


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My copy of the book at home. 

It’s hard to admit that after reading book one, my interest for the book got lower. In short it is not my cup of tea. :\ Nevertheless kudos to the author and I know you can still improve your style to pique the interest of your readers. You got the potential, just nurture it. 🙂

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