Life Next Door by J.D Hollyfield

LND COver Life Next Door by J.D Hollyfield

Release Date: Published November 3rd 2014 (first published January 1st 2014)

Genre: Romance | Contemporary Romance | Chick Lit | Humor | New Adult


There is only one thing in life that professional pastry Chef Priscilla Westcott values more than baking and wine, and that’s honesty. A quality she soon learns that her marriage lacks when her husband runs off with their next door neighbor.

Divorced and alone, Priscilla is determined to make changes in her life. She decides to approach her new goals like one of her beloved recipes. Surely with a little time, a dash of patience, and measured planning she can whip herself—and her life—back into shape.

However, when a new—and utterly delicious—neighbor takes up residence in the house that ruined her marriage, Pricilla fears that her careful world will fold faster than a deflated soufflé.

Trent Walker knows what he wants and his sweet, sassy neighbor is at the top of the list. He’s certain that the chemistry between them would be explosive, but Priscilla fears that an affair with him, however hot, could be a recipe for disaster.


“I would like to thank J.D Hollyfield for sending me an ARC of this book. I reviewed it honestly just liked I promised.”

Like the first book of this series I can relate. I also got to love the second book of Love Not Included Series! You got to read it too! *stops ranting

Life gets tough at times. Really though that we thought we couldn’t get out of it. But Priscilla didn’t thought of that. Growing up with parents who loves Elvis Presley so much, lessons in life comes from some of his songs that when she needed some wise words, it comes off from it.

Elvis said it best when he said, “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”

Yes! Precisely! When things screws up we tend to get tired and just go with it. But hey we must not go with them to. If we did, things will just get worse right?

Every women including men (I’m not a sexists so this is for both genders. hihi) wants to have their own fairytale, their happily ever after dream. But when one does breaks their heart they’re gonna eventually say:

Well, one day you grow up and realize that FAIRY TALES are for IDIOTS and in REALITY, you HAVE TO MAKE AN EFFORT TO KEEP YOUR MAN. 

If ya don’t work to keep your man, he’ll return to sender. – Pricilla’s Mother

Makes sense right? straight to the butt heart ya know. Love is so simple yet it turns into something so huge and life changing. Many people grew and died because of love. Some people are lucky enough and some are unfortunate. But remember each of us will have our lucky day!

Jeff is a sample of a scumbag guy so don’t you even try to date men or women like him. Dumping a girl for a reason that is so stupid is not deserving to have a second chance. As in never in hell give people like him a chance, if you do you’ll go back to hell.

They were in love and he wanted to be fair to me and allow me to find the happiness he had. Well, gee, tanks. Good to know chivalry is still alive. – Priscilla Westcott

That sucks. I mean so depressing if a man says to you that and it is his reason. (/-____-)/

When we’re hurt I know we really act like this:

The conclusion was my pride. No one wants anyone to mess with their pride. When your pride is battered, it makes you bitter. And when you are bitter, you seem to view life less colorfully and with a lot more skepticism. – Priscilla Westcott

But despite the lost surely there’s someone out there that will help you pick up the pieces and fix you again. Not just the one who’ll be with you for the rest of your life but people who also loves you so much because you’re important in their lives too.

I hope one day life finds you love that treats you how you should be treated. I hope you find light in life again. – May

Men who doesn’t care about your past and loves you simply because you mean the world to them is really an eye candy! When you’re fighting and he tells you this words, you’ll swoon too!

I love you. Let me prove it to you. Let me explain, then show you just exactly how deep that love runs, yeah? – Trent Walker

Yeah, we are. Because when I talk to you, I want you to see the truth in my eyed when I tell you my side. Then, when I do, I see that understanding in you yours, I want to waste no more time in showing you what I’ve been waiting to show you the past week. – Trent Walker

“Do you feel that?” he asks desperately. “That’s my heart going nuts over what you might do or say. I know that right now I do nit have the upper hand with you. I know I fucked up. I should have told you in the beginning, but this” – he presses my hand harder into his chest – “this stepped in and chose to protect you form something and love you instead. I can’t change what happened, Ce, but I can just love you.” – Trent Walker

So much for Trent feels! Read it to have more! In this book you’ll experience the heart break, ecstasy of falling in love, difficulty in life and more. Maybe you’ll encounter some moments in life and you’ll remember Trent and Cece. Always remember this:

I know that life, as messed-up as it can get, has its own way of turning out pretty sweet.” – Priscilla Westcott


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Life Next Door




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