Sinful Instincts by J.D Hollyfield




Sinful Instincts by J.D Hollyfield

Release date: November 15,2015

Genre: Paranormal Romance



Her Sacrifice.
His Revenge.

How far will they go for Redemption?

Emma Waters is no stranger to a world of abandonment.Growing up on the wrong side of the Foster care system taught her to count on a life without love. That’s until she meets a man who promises to give her what she’s always wanted: someone to belong to. But Emma soon learns that loving someone she barely knows comes at a price and that price just landed her all alone in a strange town.

Since the death of the woman he loved,Roxsin and the beast inside him, crave revenge. He’ll stop at nothing to find his half-brother and make him pay for her murder. The quest for revenge leads him to the mysterious town of Woodland Creek and the end to his search for vengeance. He’s made his plan. He knows how to end this, but what Roxsin never counted on was finding another woman worth killing for.

When the broken-heart former foster girl and the man obsessed with revenge cross paths, the heat and temptation become combustible, but is Emma willing to sacrifice her heart to another? And if Roxsin vows to stop at nothing to get his revenge, at what expense will they both sacrifice for redemption?
As their worlds collide and secrets of a world Emma never could imagine existed, they must decide if redemption is worth the price of revenge and sacrifice.



“I would like to thank J.D Hollyfield for sending me an ARC of this book. I reviewed it honestly just liked I promised.”

So yay for an another book by one of my favorite authors named J.D Hollyfield. I fell in love with her books after reading her first novel Life in a Rut. I just love how she puts humor in a contemporary romance story. (*link for the author to view her other books is at the end of the review.)

For the Sinful Instincts well its not really my cup of tea since I’m avoiding paranormal books because of my over creative brain that sends me night mares if I read books like that. This is a new genre for the author and just like her other books I also loved it! I can relate to the characters as always and it just made me want to read the other books of Woodland Creek Series!

Our ever loving shifter Roxsin or known as Sin is your typical heed over heels man to her girl. He loves Gabriela the most but keeps his real identity to  her because he knows she would run away if he did told her. Every feelings are controlled that made Gabriela beg.

“It’s always been you.  Please, don’t deny what we could be together.” – Gabriela

“Her begging eyes and even sharper words of truth gut me. My heart lies in her hands. From the moment we crossed paths, I knew it. She would be mine. And I would have stopped at nothing to make her that way.” – Roxsin

Poor lovers right? They both know they want each other but damn the guy is paranoid. If you love the person you’ll accept everything right? ALL OF IT, FLAWS AND PERFECTIONS. That’s why I love Gabriela’s character here.

“I don’t care. Whatever it is. Please. I don’t care. I love you. We will work it out together. I know you’re keeping secrets; I can tell. It won’t change anything for how I feel for you.” – Gabriela

And I won’t forget our heroine Emma. The damsel in distress and unlucky lover. Yeah she is. But she has her own bravery that we can’t expect from her.

“I’m sure it might be safer to stick to this love hiatus thing until I calm down. Which may be never.” – Emma

Sin wants to have the revenge he has been wanting for 5 years and Emma wanting to back to her own old life before she arrived at Woodland Creek. Many things will come their way but will they get what they want? Does fate have another plan for them? Find out by reading of course!

The thing is that they swear a lot. I mean tons for me. That is what I don’t like. They can say for all they want but I hate that they swear a lot like they can’t live without it. But overall it is written well and I look forward for more developments. Kudos to the author!


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Sinful Instincts

Sinful Instincts




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